News | July 2017

Kure It Reaches $6 Million Fundraising Milestone

Kure It Cancer Research Donors Holding Check

Orange County Nonprofit, Kure It Cancer Research Has Now Raised Over $6 Million In Its First 10 Years

In their 10th year to find a cure for kidney cancer and other underfunded malignancies, Kure It has reached $6 million in its fundraising efforts. Kure It has been providing grants to leading medical institutions across the country and internationally for research projects that can be translated into new treatments and better understanding in the fight against cancer. Kure It Cancer Research holds strong to the belief in the power of research in the Fight for a Kure.

Todd Perry, President of the Board of Directors of Kure It Cancer Research said, “The $6 Million milestone is a huge achievement for Kure-It and has allowed us the ability to make a significant contribution to fund innovative research. However, Kure It has only scratched the surface of what can and needs to be done. Our team remains committed to raising funds that will eventually lead to a Kure.”

Kure It reached this milestone with continued support of funds raised from our long standing partnership with the California Self-Storage Association (CSSA). A partnership that continues to honor Barry Hoeven, Kure It’s founder and CSSA member. On July 13, 2017, Kure It will present Dr. Richard Van Etten, Director of the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCI with a $100,000 check to support two projects. 1.) In kidney cancer therapy development and 2.) In gastro-esophageal carcinomas. Both projects involve research in patient treatment and therapies for these cancers.

About Kure It Cancer Research

Kure It was established as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2010, providing funding for innovative research projects focused on kidney cancer and other underfunded cancers. The funds raised through Kure It directly support groundbreaking research at leading cancer centers. Founded by Barry Hoeven after his diagnosis with kidney cancer, Kure It expanded to support all underfunded cancers when the vast disconnect between the number of people afflicted with various types of cancer and the amount of funding available for research became apparent. Kure It Cancer Research holds strong to the belief in the power of research in the Fight for a Kure. We visualize the victory of a cancer free world – together we will win.

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