Our Approach

Relationships, Data, and Revenue.

We bring a multi-faceted approach to achieve
the best outcomes for our partners.

We are in the business of creating value for our investors and property management partners by tailoring our approach to the individual asset. Whether the focus is cash flow or asset preservation, our approach is grounded in three critical elements: Creating strong partner relationships; combining data-driven methodologies with experience; and managing to both revenue and profitability.

Westport Properties team members discussing project
Wesport Properties team working together

Strong Partner Relationships

Westport has fostered and maintained strong relationships with our partners since 1985. In addition to establishing mutual trust and accountability, we know it's just as critical to sincerely like working together.

Working within a culture based on sound values—one that allows us to provide a winning formula of work-life balance for our hard-working teammates, while maximizing returns for our investors—we believe in true collaboration. Westport’s partners know that our senior management team is directly reachable, and we streamline communication between departments to provide answers as quickly as possible.

We invest a lot of time in person-to-person meetings such as annual reviews and strategic planning, sharing best practices and providing unique insights and data that go beyond traditional reporting. This personal, transparent approach has resulted in our senior managers being among the industry’s most sought-after thought leaders, and enabled us to assemble an exemplary team driven to deliver the best results.

Data-Driven Methodologies + Decades of Experience

Now more than ever, the ability to review and respond to data in real time is critical.

Our enterprise-class business intelligence and analytics platform unifies all of our data sources, enabling us to see the entire story as it’s happening in real time. As a result, our strategies and decisions are based on the most relevant, up-to-date and accurate information—combined with the wisdom that comes from decades of experience.

This nimble, qualitative approach better enables us to rapidly problem-solve, outperform our peers—and deliver the results you expect.

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Managing to Revenue—and Profitability

In working with clients across multiple asset classes, we strive to achieve maximum revenue—while optimizing profitability by right-sizing occupancy levels. By artfully balancing these two goals, we meet or exceed our investors’ goals for both returns and profits.

Our highly integrated national operations platform, best-in-class marketing, and sophisticated revenue management systems enable our company to be flexible and responsive to changes in market supply and price fluctuations.

We blend these capabilities with an entrepreneurial mindset and a focus on collaboration, as we work alongside our partners as co-investors. As a result, we’ve maintained strong, long-term relationships in the industry.

Our goal is to provide an unmatched partner experience combined with above average results. Contact us today to start the conversation.