Our Approach

Relationships, Data, and Revenue.

A data-driven strategy and approach to achieve
the best outcomes for our partners.

Our Approach

We are in the business of creating value for our investors and property management partners by tailoring our approach to the individual asset. Whether the focus is cash flow, asset preservation, our approach is centered on combing three elements that are critical for success: Being Revenue Focused, Data Driven, and Relationship Based.

Westport Properties team members discussing project
Storage facility in Compton, CA

Revenue Focused

Our operating philosophy is based on driving our facilities towards highly profitable revenue targets rather than prioritizing overall facility occupancy. While the two objectives are not mutually exclusive, many operators set occupancy as their priority and use occupancy as an indicator for profitability. We believe that managing first to revenue objectives ultimately leads to more profitability and higher property value.

Our highly integrated national operations platform, industry leading marketing, and our sophisticated revenue management systems enable our company to be flexible and responsive to changes in market supply and price fluctuations.

Data Driven vs. Data Informed

We live in a micro-moment world and Self storage is the epitome of a micro-moment business. Our data shows that on average, self storage customers rent a unit only three days after their first search. Unless an operator is utilizing real time marketing and revenue management data to make real time decisions, customers are lost and investment targets are not met.

Our enterprise-class business intelligence and analytics platform unifies all of our data sources so that we can see the entire story as it is happening in real-time.

As a result, our strategies and decisions are based on the most relevant, up to date and accurate information. This ability provides us a competitive advantage and enables us to out-perform our peers on a consistent basis.

Wesport Properties team working together

Our Relationships

Our partner relationships are what we take pride in most. In addition to trust, transparency and accountability, we believe it's just as critical to sincerely like working together. We have fostered and maintained meaningful relationships with nearly all our partners since 1985.

Our partners know that our senior management team is directly reachable. Our goal is to streamline communication between departments to provide answers as quickly as possible.In addition, we invest a lot of time in person to person meetings such as annual reviews and strategic planning, sharing best practices and provide unique insights and data that go beyond traditional reporting.

Our goal is to provide an unmatched partner experience combined with above average results. Contact us to day to start the conversation.