Jason Lopez

Chief Marketing Officer

Since 2009 Jason Lopez has been an executive with Westport Properties. As CMO, he oversees all aspects of its marketing strategy, branding, campaign development, budgeting, and analytics. Along with his responsibilities with marketing, Mr. Lopez is integrally involved with corporate strategy, team development, and investor relations.

Prior to joining USSC Mr. Lopez was Vice President of Acquisitions for the self-storage owner/operator Websco Properties. From 2002-2007 Mr. Lopez was VP of Acquisitions for Providence Realty Group where he was involved in managing over $400 million in real estate transactions within the sectors of retail, office, apartments, and industrial. From 1995 to 2001 Mr. Lopez was co-founder of Integrated Sales Management, a technology integration firm specializing in the customization and deployment of customer relationship management solutions for mid and large-sized companies.

Mr. Lopez is a former board member of the California Self Storage Association and is very active within industry trade associations, and Kure It, a 501(c)(3) charity that raises money for underfunded cancer research. He is also very active with his family, friends, and church.

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